Mission Accomplished: Part II

(l-r) Jacquline "Decoy Model" Fini, Emily "Decoy Stylist"" Margulis, Dawn "Number Two" Cousins, Vanessa "The Ministers" Siders, Susan "The Designer" Schweizer, David Lee, Aileen "The Seamstress" Lee, Lynn "The Artist" Stolfi, Doug Stolfi

After the wonderfully romantic and sentimental ceremony officiated by the fabulous Reverend Vanessa L. Siders, everyone filed in to the ballroom of Crestwood Manor for several hours of dining and dancing. Once all of the guests found their seats, Brian, Suzette and their children made their entrance. The happiness and pride was so apparent on all of their faces, especially Brian’s. It just made your heart swell.

All of the operatives were invited to attend the wedding, and most were able to. It was a really terrific way for all of us to come together and congratulate each other on a job well done. It was very exciting for all of us to see in person the way that everything went off, since everyone was so intricately involved. Plus, everyone wanted to see whether or not Suzette was really surprised about the wedding. Incidentally, the DJ (who was not an official operative) asked Suzette whether or not she knew about anything or even had a sneaking suspicion, and she confirmed that she was 100% stunned It was such a great feeling!

Photo by Sue Mignano and Amy Pedatella

After Brian and Suzette danced their first dance, I made the toast. I couldn’t help but get choked up. It’s funny– I deal with people on a daily basis, give presentations, and tell people what to do all the time, but I am absolutely HORRIBLE when it comes to off-the-cuff speaking. I should have written something out, but I didn’t. I really wanted to thank all of the people that were involved with putting everything together, but I didn’t. And for that, I am so, so, so sorry! I would like to take this post to thank all of the operatives involved with putting our very first Stealth Wedding together:

Creative Edge Events: Juliette did the decor and bouquets while Lainie designed the favors.
Autumn Studio: Lynn created the gorgeous invitations, which readers voted on.
Sweet Beginnings Invitations & Favors: Susan created the fantastic menus (which readers voted on) and amazing fan programs.
Morgan’s Bay Confections: Nina and Trish handmade chocolate truffles that were absolutely DIVINE! They don’t have a website, but you can email them at morgansbay@optimum.net.

Photo by Sue Mignano and Amy Pedatella

Crestwood Manor:General Manager Randy Janis, Banquet Manager Samantha Albertson and the rest of the team at Crestwood were the best people to work with. Not only did Samantha pose as a model on the day of the event, Randy and his team were constantly at our disposal, following up, making sure that everything was running on or close to schedule. I can honestly say that Randy and Samantha were as excited about this event as the rest of us were, and they worked very hard to make sure that it was perfect.

Emily Margulis: Emily styled Jacquline and did Jackie’s makeup. You can email Emily at EMargulis.metyob@gmail.com, if you would like a styling consultation or to find out about the makeup she used for this wedding.
Mrs. Aileen Lee did the speedy alterations. She does not have a website or email address. However, if you would like

Photo by Sue Mignano & Amy Pedatella

her contact information, please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you her phone number. 

 Sue Mignano & Amy Pedatella were the outstanding photographers that were there all throughout the day. You can see all of the photos from this event on Sue’s site. If you need the password, leave a comment with your email address, and I will send it to you.

Piece of Cake Bakery: Dawn flew in from Wyoming to bake and decorate the stunning wedding cake, and the flavor was voted on by readers.
Duckwalk Vineyards: Duckwalk provided several cases of wine for the guests to enjoy during their dinner and cocktail hour.

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, as voted by readers.

The Traveling Vineyard: Consultants David and Emily Margulis also provided excellent wine for the guests to enjoy.

Birgitte Philippides: Birgitte came in from NYC to style Suzette and do Jackie’s (Suzette’s sister) hair.
Reverend Vanessa L. Siders: Vanessa wrote and officiated the beautiful, romantic and sentimental renewal of vows ceremony.
Adrienne’s Bridal:  The employees here worked with me to pull the wool over Suzette’s eyes while getting her to pick out her own wedding gown. They also gave Brian a very nice discount on the dress.
Serenity Limo: Fred whisked Brian and Suzette to their hotel right after the reception ended. 
And then there’s me, The Planner. I had such a great time doing this wedding and so many people told me that I should do another Stealth Wedding, I am going to keep an air of anonymity. Sure, you can click on the link and head to my website, but I don’t want to make it easy for someone to see who I am in association with the Stealth Wedding Project, in case another one happens to come up. That being said, if you would like me  to plan and execute a Stealth Wedding for someone (or another surprise event), simply leave a comment with your contact information and I will get in touch with you.
Still more recap to come!
  1. I love the venue of the wedding! So gorgeous!

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